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Our #EcoWarriors have done a commendable job
to celebrate the festival in a #GreenWay
Let's enjoy few Glimps of action

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Operation #GreenGANNU

[ Operation  – #Green Ganesha Awareness Nature N U(you) ]

This festive season, Let's join hands with india-shine
to celebrate the festival in #GreenWay
Let's start the mission with us

Contest journey

how to participate & win real Silver coins 

E-Certificates for all, chance to feature on our official social media accounts & on our website as social heroes.
Lot of blessings from Ganpati Bappa, Lot of love from mother nature and Free Life time Subscription of Oxygen absolutely FREE from mother nature !!

01 | Participate & Spread the word

Join the contest, complete the activities and spread the word

02 | Be an #EcoWarrior

All the participant will get an e-certificate as a token of appreciation as #EcoWarrior

03 | Get a chance to win Real Silver Coins

Top-3 warriors will be awared wtih The Title #EcoLeaders and will get Real Siver Coin

04 | Recognition & Fame

Most Creative warriors & Leaders will get a chance to get feature on our official website & social media accounts

Bad things doesn’t need efforts to go viral, Look at Corona.

It’s the Good things which needs to be spread across the world with our endeavors.

at india-shine we believe that doing good is necessary, but spreading Good must be Mandatory in today’s era, where there are very few on the bright side of force.

We believe in #GoBOLD

so this festive season we decided to strengthen the bright forces by recruiting the #EcoWarriers  & #EcoLeaders who can not only fight the battle along side but also encourage the rest to join us on our mission of #EcoNowEcoForever for a better tomorrow for all of us & coming generations.

we gave code name to this mission as 

operation #GreenGANNU

here we have got a good prayer to remind us that why and against whom we are on this mission. 

Listen to this…


no mission can be accomplish without weapons & intel. To fight the dark forces of materialism & harmful practices we will be using best of 


on completion of mission top 3 champions will be rewarded with the real silver coins. 

Details are in the mission Log (when you join it)

reward for champions


How to participate & be an 

Journey of winning an #EcoLeader title explained in simple 5 steps below –

01  Join the movement

Sign up and fill basic details, so that we know who you are, & can send your prizes/certificates

02 Test your knowledge

Answer the questions about contest theme, of celebrating the festival in eco friendly way

03 Show your Leadership

Spread the word & awareness on eco friendly celebration

04 Bring Alias on Board

Refer more – Score more! The more people bring to the contest, more awareness you create and more points you & people you refer will get

05 Lead by Example

Do something creative, share ideas, DIY or your own example of promoting eco friendly celebration

—  Accept the Glory

Top-3 Contestant with the maximum scores will be winners and will be awarded with the Title #EcoLeader

Visit the contest link to see the points & scoring method.

Recognition for all Participants

Real Silver Coins

Top-3 Champion will be Recognized as #EcoLeaders & will be rewarded with Real Silver Coin


E-Certificate of #EcoWarrior for all participants & #EcoLeader E-Certificate for Top-3 winners


Winners & Most creative participants will get a chance to feature on our official social media accounts and on our website's Event page

Contest Timelines

10 Sep

Competition Starts on

20 Sep

Competition Ends on

27 Sep

Winners Declaration on

Sign up for Contents Now

Sign up worrier to get a chance to be the Leader and get rewarded.

No one has anything to lose but  to gain lot of appreciation, and recognition, chance to feature on our official social media accounts & on our website as social heroes.

Lot of blessings from Ganpati Bappa, Lot of love from mother nature and Free Life time Subscription of Oxygen absolutely FREE from mother nature !!

Let's take a Pledge with india-shine for

eco-Now, Eco-Forever

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